Understanding MEAN Web Development.

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Understanding MEAN Web Development

MEAN web development  is a lightweight open source solution stack used to develop dynamic web sites.  MEAN is designed as a full stack javascript framework that makes it quick and easy to develop web applicatons.

M – MongoDB: The Database

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Named after “humongous” and is an open source, scalable, and document-oriented database.  Data is stored in JSON style documents.  The main advantages this type of database involves: index on any attribute, server-side JavaScript, and Auto-sharding.

E – Express: The Web Framework

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Considered a light and flexible web application framework for Node.js.  This framework features a robust set of features for both web and mobile applications.  Due to its light weight and thin layer of fundamental web application features, performance is not hindered.

A – AngularJS: The Frontend Framework

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A structural framework used to develop dynamic web/ mobile applications.  It extends HTML by the use of data binding and dependency injection that will save the developer time by eliminating code that you may have to write.  All of the action occurs in the browser so it makes it ideal to work alongside any server based technology.

N – Node.js: The Server Platform

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Designed to build fast, scalable networking applications.  Node.js applications are written in JavaScript.  It is an event-driven architecture and implements a non-blocking API that allows for optimal throughout and scalability for the applicaton.

All four technologies are basically meant for each other.  They all use the same language.  Supports the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern.  Most importantly: open source!

We hope this brief introduction helped and stay tuned for a tutorial in the near future!
Please go to https://cloud.google.com/solutions/mean/ to learn more about the MEAN development stack.

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