Reputation Management

Reputation management influences is a large part of how potential clients view your business and with how the media works in today world it’s more important than ever. Below you’ll find what we recommend to our clients and what we do to not only get your business in front of more customers but help with any sort of damage control or bad press you’re business has received in the past.

See Where Your Business Stands

The first thing we do with a new client is Google them. Our goal here is to see what other see at a glance when they search for your business. Companies with good reputation management will typically see citations, content, and or other flattering information about their brand. On the other hand, a search on a company with bad reputation management will typically show unfavorable reviews, cases against them in the news, or even just nothing about them.

Using our in-house tools, we’ll comb through the results of online search engines to get a detailed analysis of what people really think of their business. We’ll then sit down with them and give them an overview of the current status of their business and how they fair up against their competitors and what we can do moving forward.

Obtaining Positive Reviews

Reviews are everything, and this can’t be said enough when we first take a look at a client’s online portfolio. When you think of buying something off of Amazon, or eBay you’re probably directed towards the products with great reviews or maybe you’ve done a Google or Yelp search for a place to eat dinner at. You’ve probably noticed that all of the top listings have great reviews, there’s a reason for that.

On almost any search engine or platform, it makes sense to show results that have positive reviews from actual customers. A sound marketing strategy here is priceless, such as asking for immediate feedback from customers by filling out a survey. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t take the time to do this extra step.

With this step, we’ll work with your business to remind your customers to submit a genuine review and make sure this is entirely integrated into your sales process as this is one of the most powerful ways to build trust in a customers eyes.

Damage Control with Negative Reviews

When people search for something they would like to buy they tend to look for reviews before making any final decisions. Finding unfavourable reviews or information about your business is not only damaging but it tends to spread like wildfire. Even though in some cases these reviews might be fake or exaggerated any new potential clients will be turned off immediately.

We’ll work with you to mitigate as much damage as possible and in some cases have the reviews removed from the search engines completely.

Post Influential Content

One thing most people forget about when it comes to reputation management is posting influential content within your industry. If you can show that you care about the field you’re in and show a deep understanding of it people will be attracted to your business.

We’ll help you be proactive and craft engaging content for your industry and at the same time build a stronger connection with your following.

Improve Your Social Standing

Unfortunately, most businesses neglect this part. If you aren’t being active in your industry or community you work in you less likely to get a second thought when customers are making a decision to who to go with to solve their problem. It’s been proven that customers have more a connection with businesses that interact with the public on a regular basis. I can guarantee you can think of a successful business in your city that does this exceptionally well.

With Social media, we’ll get your brand out and in front of the masses with little effort. Through targeted strategies using powerful outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, & FaceBook. Every business wants their online presence to go viral, which is why this goes hand in hand with what we mentioned earlier: posting influential content. This is a powerful method that we’ve used countless times to get clients brand in front of potential customer’s eyes overnight.

Continue The Process Indefinitely

We’re now at the part where most businesses lose track. Reputation management isn’t something you do once, twice, it’s something that you do indefinitely and proactively. The problem is most businesses don’t have the time to manage how their online presence is being represented in the eyes of potential customers.

This is where we come in. We’ve developed a process that automates most of what we’ve already told you. Using a combination of in-house tools & third-party data we can keep you up-to-date with where your business stands against your competitors and how we can pivot our efforts to ensure we stay one step ahead of them.

Contact us today and we’ll personally go through our reputation management blueprint with you to you how we can help!

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