Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO and what will it do for my business? SEO is a collection of strategies and techniques used to raise a website’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. With the end result bringing in more visitors which in turn become customers. Through regular analysis and reporting you can improve your businesses bottom line.

Real world example of SEO

If still confuses you here’s an analogy which might help with understanding. SEO is similar to where a brick and mortar store would be in a city. A business which is on the corner of a busy intersection with tons of people walking and cars driving by would be considered good right? This business would have lots of eyes on it with potential customers because of it’s great location.

With SEO this would be considered a frontpage result as people would see your business very easily. If this business was for example on the outskirts of the city where there isn’t as much traffic it wouldn’t get seen by the same amount of people right? In the SEO world this would be considered bad since people would have to look through multiple pages to find your business.

The idea behind SEO is to get your website on better real estate like in out city analogy of being on a busy intersection rather than the outskirts of the city.

What will it do for my business?

Simply put the goal of SEO to increase your businesses ROI through better website visibility. Similar to how a business would spend money on advertising it’s a combination of marketing methodologies which together get your business seen by more potential customers. It’s an ongoing strategy that requires constant fine-tuning with both short-term and long-term goals.

SEO Products And Services

Now that you have an idea of how SEO works below you’ll find a list of services which we provide to our clients.

Keyword Research, Targeting, Analysis

Our SEO experts will research the best keywords for your industry and compare what you’re already ranking for against your competitors. They’ll then work with you to figure out what you should be ranking for and any trends that show what you should be preparing to rank for in the future.

On-Page Optimization

We’ll make the required changes to optimize your website in order to boost your website’s visibility in the search engines. This includes changes such as page titles, descriptions, tags, headings, nav menus, internal linking, & content.

Off-Page Optimization

This includes proper link building to your website from social media accounts, relevant business directories, & other trustworthy websites. Many people have been burned from bad SEOs in this aspect which is why we’ll walk you through how we’re attracting high-quality links.

Penalty & Recovery Analysis

Before any work is done on your website we’ll go through a full analysis of where you currently stand. We’ll figure out if you have any penalties from the search engines and if you do take the proper steps to develop a strategy to have them removed.

Content Strategies

We’ll work with you with creating an engaging content strategy which will grab your customers attention. Writing high-quality content for people is the first step in bringing visitors to your businesses front door. This includes blogging, social media, & video production.

Weekly Status Reports

We’ll keep you updated with weekly reports of how your businesses online visibility is fairing against your competition. Our easy to read analytics and reporting will allow anyone who has zero knowledge of SEO to understand where your business stands.

We’ll notify you of any changes in your rankings and the steps we’re doing to correct them. In addition, we’ll keep tabs on your competitors and how they’re doing in order to be pro active and pivot or strategies.

Why choose PlayOn Media for SEO?

We only work with a limited amount of clients at any time.

You’ll have our full attention as we only work with a limited amount of clients at any time in order to provide a high-quality service. This is one of main reasons as to why we’re very selective to who we work with.

We’re ahead of the big agencies when it comes to Q&A

Most of the big agencies don’t test and are using outdated methodologies when it comes to SEO. We’re part of the top search engine marketing groups around the world when it comes to constantly testing what’s working and what’s not. SEO is an ever-changing landscape.

We’re proactive and constantly monitoring our clients websites visibility for changes

Using a combination of our in-house tools and enterprise systems we can monitor your websites visibility for any changes and react accordingly.

We know what works

We know what works now and what will or won’t in the future. Speak with any of our clients and they’ll agree our results not only work but stick.

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